The Band

Venatic, Alternative Metal Band from Hamburg, Germany

venatic (vē-năt'ik), adj.
1. Of or relating to hunting, 2. Engaging in hunting for sport or livelihood.

Maik Drobil - Vocals
Mark Pöhner - Guitar
Peter Haubenschild - Guitar
Jonas Strippelmann - Bass
Torben Neuss - Drums


Catalyst (2014)
Bleeding Alpha (2007)

Dead End (2012)
Live 2011 (2011)
Don't Settle For Less (2008)
Evidence (2006)
The Selfdestruction Sequence (2004)


Alternative Metal, made in Hamburg.

After enjoying some productive years and an extensive spell of touring in the mid-2000s, Venatic lost both their singer and their bassist by the end of 2009. Mark (guitar), Peter (guitar) and Torben (drums) put the band on hold for the time being and went on to form Deathtrap For Phoenix. Nevertheless, they always planned on resurrecting the band as soon as they would find new bandmates.

The first vacancy filled in April 2010, when Jonas joined as bassist. Despite the new jolt of energy, the foursome continued patiently searching for remaining members of the crew until fall 2011 when Maik came to audition, grabbed the mic and requested Fatal Devotion as the opening song. When his opening scream hailed from the depths of his vocal corpus everyone knew this was the singer they'd been waiting for.

From that point on, Venatic was back at full speed: even though Maik had only been with the band for three months, the group released their first live EP Live 2011 just before Christmas. The record featured recordings from their comeback show as well as an acoustic radio performance at the popular radio station Energy 97.1. After a handful of shows, the band focused on writing new material. The first studio recordings emerged on July 1st 2012 when Dead End, the band's fifth EP was released. The release was also accompanied by Venatic's very first music video. The rest of the year was spent writing more songs, until the band eventually escaped the studio for two more shows just before the end of the year, debuting some of the new material live.

By summer 2013 the guys finally collected enough material to record the band's second album. A successful crowdfunding campain as well as financial support from the Wacken Foundation provided the necessary funds, and in fall 2013 Venatic hit the studio for preproduction. The group teamed up with acclaimed producer Eike Freese (e.g. Deep Purple, Callejon) and by late October ten songs were finalized and ready to be recorded in Gamma Ray's Hammer Studios.

Venatic punched in instrumental tracks until vocal recordings began in mid-November, when tragedy struck: On November 18, something in the industrial complex housing Hammer Studios caught fire, setting of a blaze that destroyed the building and left Maik and Eike fleeing the flames in the middle of a recording session. Only days before finishing the new record, Venatic suddenly faced the loss of their recordings, their studio, and major parts of their gear.

Painful weeks followed. The fate of recordings, equipment, and future plans remained uncertain. After the dust had settled the group managed to recover a large number of recording tracks and parts of the gear, needing mostly cosmetic repairs. As things were starting to look up again, the only thing missing was a new studio. A few weeks later Eike set up shop in the legendary Chameleon Studio.

By mid-January 2014 Venatic was back at recording with nothing to stop them. Mixing and mastering the new record finished before the end of February and on May 16, 2014 Catalyst was released worldwide! The band celebrated the album the next day with a sold-out show at LOGO in Hamburg, debuting the album live in full-length. The second half of 2014 was spent touring until Maik took off for half a year travelling the world, while the rest of the guys dug into songwriting once again.

Back at full strength in spring 2015, the band hit the road for festival season. Later that year Venatic teamed up with their close friends at Pollywog Chieftain and Jaw Drop to create their own vision of a an all metal battle of the bands: FÜLL METAL BATTLE. After a series of video challenges between the bands the series concluded in a triumphant show at Hamburg's Knust club. To celebrate this special occasison, the evening's finest moments were professionally filmed and released on YouTube (check it out here).

So what’s in store for 2016? After spending the winter holidays songwriting and refurbishing their new studio in northern Hamburg, Venatic is gathering more material to hit the studio somewhere in early 2017. Until then we want to thank all you lovely people who have made it possible for us to do what we love! Whether you come to our shows, buy our records, or just listen to our tracks on Spotify: thank you so much! We couldn't do this without you.

See you around!